Prva vrsta

Guest of the show "Prva Vrsta" at Radio Slovenia.

Jan at Prva vrsta

Into the Wild

"After a two-year break, I'm coming back with fresh improvisations. The piano is an endless source of inspiration and expressive possibilities. I never get tired of discovering new paths and I know there are more than enough for a lifetime. There is some beauty in it! ... Let's go on! ... To a new era, to new paths of endless possibilities."


Free Bird

"This spring splurge is coming to YouTube during the harsh summer, but it was created together with the rest of the series in the spring. Of course, the improvisations are different, contemplative, relaxed, wild... Regardless of whether their basis is spontaneous or predetermined, their purpose is always the same. The improviser creates his musical world and simultaneously explores it.

The ultimate purpose is to surrender completely... to the force that is inside and outside of you ... the force that transcends your self and also the world that surrounds you ... One could say the music is mine, because I created it, but at the same time it belongs to everyone. This is the divine mystery to which I surrender with pleasure ..."

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Brightness to darkness

"We usually try to climb out of the darkness towards the light. But we don't always succeed. I started with optimism, but the clouds covered it. Sometimes that's the case. That's life... and that's music.."

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Impro Piano

"It's hard to write anything about an event that has not yet happened. Much more so because it is a Solo-improvised Recital. When I tell my colleagues what I'm doing, they get usually very excited. They wonder what kind of improvisation will it be this time - jazz, classic, maybe some other kind, or will I have a ready-theme and if so, what kind of and so on. These are quite legitimate questions to which I unfortunatelly don't have the right answer. Because the concert I intend to perform is completely and alltogether improvised."

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Some Kind of Blues

"I'm improvising my whole life. I actually did it even before I formally started working with music. Improvisation is the most intimate expression of my soul, a journey through my own psyche. When I improvise, I do not deal with any otherwise relevant, musical issues. I don't think about chords, charts, harmonic acts, genres, etc. Those would only hinder the actual process. The only thing I am looking for during improvisation, is the intense contact with the flow of energy, which we call music. The process I am interested in is fusion or merging, the opening of new expressive possibilities. Rulls don't exist. All the restrictions sustain only within my own experience and of course within a given moment.

Preparing for the concert ... this is basically my entire life, which is full with music and endless hours of practice. But on the other hand, there is no real preparation for this kind of concert. Like there is no preparation for life alone. Despite the fact that we live quite routinely, we really don't know what is behind the corner. Just like in music ... "